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Win a free mug and a 1 lb. bag of Death Wish Coffee!

So you've been eyeing one of the mugs on this site but you're not quite ready to order. Or maybe you've placed 3 orders already and you're trying to convince your roommate or significant other that, yes, you do need to buy this other mug.

Well let me help make this decision easier. You can WIN a mug instead! And not only will I send the mug - I'll also ship you a 1 lb bag of some of my favorite coffee, Death Wish Coffee. Because victory tastes better when you're caffeinated.

Follow the steps below to enter. This contest runs from 8:00 AM EDT on August 5, 2019 until 11:59 PM EDT on August 8, EDT. A winner will be selected on Friday, August 9, and then the fun begins!

Oh - and one more fun thing I'll be throwing in. Want to customize your mug a bit? Add another image somewhere? Change a couple of the commit messages on the Git Log? Not a problem - as long as it's possible within our fulfillment system, consider it done.

Death Wish Coffee is not sponsoring this contest. I just like their coffee.


Win a free mug of your choosing!