KVLLY is now Modern Geek!   Learn more.

About Modern Geek

Hi! I'm Kelly.

Kelly Vaughn

I'm a (primarily) frontend developer. During the day I run a Shopify agency called The Taproom, and in the evening and on weekends I run this little shop. You may know me from Twitter, where a lot of the product ideas for this shop originated.

What is Modern Geek?

Modern Geek is a lifestyle store aimed to add some flair into your everyday wardrobe and home goods. Founded by a developer, the products you'll find here are equal parts practical and funny, and maybe a little bit nerdy.

The shop was created out of my love for fun stickers, tees, and mugs. It turns out developer jokes make for good apparel and home goods. Marry an IT guy and suddenly you're selling apparel beyond just developer jokes.

Modern Geek is for everyone.

What happened to KVLLY?

Nothing, really. 

This shop started as an experiment so I could learn how to build a progressive web app using Shopify and Gatsby. I loaded a few example products in here, starting with the Git Log Mug. It turns out people thought it was awesome and wanted to actually buy one, so I opened up KVLLY to the public.

The problem with associating a store with my Twitter handle (which is not very pronounceable, if you haven't noticed) means it's great to sell to a Twitter audience, but I wanted to expand beyond Twitter.

Can I suggest a product idea to you?

Totally. Pop over to the Contact page and fill out the form, or you can DM me on Twitter.